Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mitch Penman Interview

Mitch Penman is the proud new owner of Gates of Gore and if you wanna know all about his love for horror and metal, read this great interview that I got to conduct with him below.


Kristy Langford: What are your favorite horror movies?

Mitch Penman: It's so hard to narrow it down to just a few. But here is my top ten.

10.Hellraiser 5
9.Return of the Living Dead
7.Nightmare on Elm Street
6.Texas Chainsaw Massacre
5.The Exorcist
4.The Omen 1,2 and 3. I'm including these together because you can't have 1 without the other 2.
3.Dawn of the Dead
And my number 1 pick, the movie that I could put on repeat until the end of time is..........................Phantasm. That's the one movie that I could never live without. I just wish they would release it on Blu-Ray.

KL: How did you first discover the world of horror?

MP: I remember when I was a little kid, and my mom used to read a lot. One day I picked up one of her books, and it happened to be The Omen written by David Seltzer. So I opened up the book, and there happened to be pictures in there. So the first picture I remember seeing, was the Nanny (Holly Palance) hanging from the noose at the top of the building. Being only 8 years old, it was extremely scary, but knew I liked it. I was drawn to looking at all the pictures, but my mother took the book off me and hid it because she knew I liked it. Lol

KL: Who are your biggest horror influences?

MP: Stephen King and George Romero are my top 2. Killjoy from Necrophagia also. I remember listening to Season of the Dead for the first time and was totally blown away by all of the horror in his music. I've been a TOTAL fan ever since

KL: What is your opinion of all the horror remakes?

MP: I'm not a real big fan of horror remakes. Just for the simple fact, that if it's that good the first time, you should just leave it alone. Although I do like the Dawn of the Dead remake and Rob zombie's Halloween remake. I also like the Salem's Lot remake. But it no way is it as good as the original.  The good ones are far and few  between.

KL: Are there any horror movies that you feel need to be remade?

MP: Well a couple of movies I fell need to be remade are The Stand (Stephen King) for one. And another one is The Mist. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Stephen King. But his movies after the 90's have been less than stellar. Especially after you have read the book.

KL: What is the most fucked up movie you have ever seen?

MP: I would probably have to say Pieces by director Juan Piquer Simon. The reason is probably because this was the first GORE filled movie I ever saw. I remember going the the video store and seeing the box on the shelf. I was about 15 at the time. So I took the box up to the counter and the guy didn't even want to rent it to me because I wasn't 16. He eventually did and when I got home and watched it I was in shock. I didn't know movies like this existed. But boy, I wanted to rent them all after that. Lol

KL: Has a movie ever freaked you out so much that you just couldn't ever watch it again?

MP: No, there is never been a movie that freaked me out so bad I could never watch it again. But, I do have a good story about my mother. When the Texas Chainsaw Massacre  was released in 1974, (I was 6) my mother, and my babysitter went to the drive-in theater to see it. In the meantime, my father and I went to a baseball game in Pittsburgh. So when we got home, every single light in the house was turned on and she was hiding in the bedroom with the door locked. Even in the basement and the attic the lights had been turned on. LOL. To this very day, my mother has never watched the movie again, and she will very rarely talk about it. Now you have to remember, my mother was in her early 20s at the time. So she was still very timid when it came to scary stuff. But it definitely makes for a great story.

KL: A lot of people prefer story over too much gore. What is your opinion on this?

MP: As much as I love gore. I gotta have some kind of story line to keep me interested. It doesn't have to be anything deep and elaborate. But you gotta give me something. Lol

KL: Would you rather watch a horror movie in the theater or at homw and why?

MP: I definitely have to watch my horror at home. I wanna be able to put my feet up and kick back with no distractions.I don't really frequent the movie theater that much. And when I do go, I get there early and get a spot in the back row. I get distracted really easy. So I don't want anyone sitting behind me.

KL: What was your first experience with metal?

MP: Well I guess that depends on what you consider metal. If you mean heavy-metal my first experience was Christmas morning when I was 11. My parents bought me Ted Nugent's Cat Scratch Fever as well as a few other artists. They bought me The Cars, Shake It Up, The Stones, Tattoo You and a Juice Newton album. Lol. When I think about that I laugh every time.

Now if you mean thrash metal, it is Possessed, 7 Churches. At the time I discovered this album I was no longer allowed to listen to heavy-metal music. So one night (when I was about 16) I was laying in bed listening to it hoping my mom wouldn't come in and check on me. Because at this time of my life I was no longer allowed to listen to anything but Christian music. I was so blown away by this album that the next day I went out looking for more. It was truly a pivotal moment in time for me.

KL: Who are your favorite music artists of all time?

MP: Well OzzY is my all time favorite. Even though I haven't really liked anything he's done since the No More Tears album. But I started listening to him when I was 13 so he is my #1. # 2 would be Pink Floyd. They were such an awesome band. And they have such a great story. #3 would probably be The Doors. #4 would be Elton John (don't laugh) Lol. And #5 would be the almighty NECROPHAGIA!!! Killjoy is such a talented artist. I just love that band.

KL: What was the first metal album you ever bought?

MP: The first metal album I bought with my own money was AC/DC For Those About To Rock. I was so excited. Seems like yesterday I was saving my allowance to get it.

KL: What was the best and worst concerts you've ever been to?

MP: I have been to so many concerts in my life. But some of the ones that stick out as being the best, were ones I was at when I was younger. I saw Megadeth on the Peace Sells tour with Overkill. That was at the Phantasy Theater in Cleveland. They both recorded live albums that night. Overkill recorded the infamous "FUCK YOU" album. And Megadeth recorded the live album that they didn't release until 2011 with the box set. OzzY for sure. One show in the 90's he told everyone to come up to the front of the stage. So everyone did. Lol. It was a good time. Anthrax on the Among The Living tour. The first Lollapalooza tour with Ministry, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Janes Addiction. And I saw Pantera and White Zombie. That was a really memorable show. I was right down front for that one. And let's not forget King Diamond on the Abigail tour. That was another memorable one. I got to meet King before the show. My list is really long for great shows I've seen, but we'll stop there.

Some of the more shows I was disappointed in were Ratt about 7 years ago. Stephen Pearcy's voice was horrible. He talked his way through half the songs. It was bad. Saw Bob Dylan a few years ago. That was bad too. I mean let's face it. The guy could never really sing anyway. But this was beyond bad. He basically embarrassed himself. I had a bad OzzY show back in 05'. He was really sick and had a vaporizer brought onstage between every song. He should have just stayed home that night. I've seen OzzY over 30 times. So that's probably why he's on here twice.

KL: What is your opinion on the huge comeback that vinyl has made?

MP: I think it's awesome that vinyl has made a comeback. I listen to vinyl at my house all the time. We have three turntables here. I mean, as much as we all like clarity, there's  nothing better than dropping a needle on something like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. And then at the other end of the spectrum, you have to love the sound of bands like Venom, Bathory, Black Sabbath. I don't mind the occasional skip, or the dust crackling to the speakers. It gives it that nostalgic feel that I think we all like when we listen to vinyl.

KL: Are there any new albums that you are looking forward to in the new year?

MP: Well I'm definitely looking forward to the new Megadeth album. Death Angel has a new one coming out in April. I've always been a fan of theirs. Devildriver is supposed to come out with a new one too. Tool, if Maynard gets off his ass. And Testament is working on a new one. I absolutely love those guys. And the new Anthrax has got me pumped up.

KL: Now that you have full ownership of Gates of Gore, what would you like to see in the future for the company?

MP: Well as far as Gates of Gore goes. I want to see more people getting involved. I'm really hoping that the Trail of Satan trilogy will get moving along so we could start some kind of production. I think the script is so great, and with the right people, I believe that could happen. I'd love to be able to get Bill Schotten or Fred Vogel involved. Those guys are geniuses. I have such respect for them. And Mary Goff, with her outstanding artwork. With the right combination, we can definitely make this happen.

KL: Are there any final words you'd like to say to end this interview with?

MP: Well first of all, I would like to thank you Kristy, for making me a huge part of the Gates of Gore. It is such an honor. It's been so exciting throughout the year, to be able to read the scripts you have written before anyone else. I'd also like to say thank you to all of the people that actually support you. Because without you, the Gates of Gore would not be possible. So I'm very excited to see what 2016 will bring. Hopefully, it's more horror and gore than all of our minds can comprehend.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gates of Gore's Top 10 Horror Films of 2015

2015 was a pretty successful year for horror films and I, for one has seen a great deal of them. So, here is my top 10 horror films of 2015.

10.Tremors 5: Bloodlines
9. Stung
8. The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)
7. Scarewaves
6. Headless
5. The Final Girls
4. Cooties
3. Tales of Halloween
2. The Green Inferno
1. Deathgasm

And if you're wondering which horror movie that I thought was the worst, that honor goes to It Follows. I don't think I  have ever been so bored watching a any horror ovies and this is one I will never watch again.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gates of Gore's Favorite Christmas Horror Movies

Gates of Gore would love to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. And now, without further adieu, here is our favorite Christmas horror movies of all time.

Kristy Langford's Top 5

Jack Frost
Don't Open 'Till Christmas
Black Christmas (1974)
Silent Night, Deadly Night

Mitch Penman's Top 5 (in no particular order)

Jack Frost (1997)
Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974)
Elves (1989)
Gremlins (1984)
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

2016 Will Rock

In what could possibly be the biggest shock ever, I am happy to say that my new script, HardGore already has a distributor and I haven't even started writing it yet.

Todd Jason Cook wants to release the finished film on his label, Screamtime Films and I can't be even more happy. I have been a fan of Todd's ever since I saw his film Death Metal Zombies, so this is a real treat.

Here's the synopsis of this new feature length script.


Athena, the lead singer of the all female rock group, Cemetery Sluts has been arrested for a murder she didn't commit and is sent to The Penman Institute For the Criminally Insane. But what Athena doesn't know is that this insane asylum is run by Satanists and they have special plans for her.

I already have an idea as to who could possibly direct this one, but that will remain a secret, for now. Writing will begin sometime in February.

Friday, December 18, 2015

He's Coming....

On January 1st, it's about to become official. Mitch Penman will be added to the Gates of Gore website and you are all in trouble now. Mitch will have free reign to do interviews, reviews and post horror news. This is very exciting in the world of the GORE, so be ready and please welcome Mitch, the new owner of Gates of Gore.

Also, be on the lookout as Mitch's interview will be up soon. He is currently working on the questions and it is great!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Gates of Gore Exclusive

After 10 long years, Gates of Gore will finally be doing interviews once again.

First up will be Gates of Gore's very own (and new owner) Mitch Penman.

Wanna know all about his influences? His love for gore and metal? You will soon learn all these things and more in this Gates of Gore exclusive, so be ready!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let's Give Thanks and Gore

First of all, the Gates of Gore family would love to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone has a great day with friends and family.

With only one month left of 2015, it has been one busy year. With multiple scripts that I have written, which includes The Trail of Satan, Torn Apart Eaten Alive and Fuck Me Deadly (currently writing this one) and lots of reviews that I have done with more to come before the year  is over, I am very excited for what's to come in 2016.

I am very happy to announce that the always AWESOME and my TRUE friend Mitch Penman has been named owner of Gates of Gore. Everything with the Gates of Gore name attached to it, he will be heavily involved with and yes, that does mean every project that I write and hopefully gets turned into a movie.

2016 will be huge in so many ways, I can't wait for it all to come together, so be ready!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Future

I have made a huge decision about the future of Gates of Gore. In the event that I can no longer do Gates of Gore (and that will be a long time from now) I am very happy to announce that I will be leaving Gates of Gore in the capable hands of Mitch Penman. In the future, he will be in control of everything Gates of Gore related, so that the Gore will live on, even if I can't do it anymore.

This is exciting on so many levels of excitement!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tremors 5: Bloodlines Review

Starring: Michael Gross, Jamie Kennedy, Natalie Becker, Emmanuel Castis, Brandon, Auret, Daniel Janks, Pearl Thusl

Director: Don Michael Paul

Burt and his newly acquired sidekick (whether he likes it or not) Travis head to South Africa to deal with the Graboid problem. However, these Graboids attack from both above and below, which makes  them much more deadlier then ever.

I wasn't sure that I wanted another Tremors movie as I loved the first one and never saw the rest. What changed my mind? The addition of Jamie Kennedy. I have been a fan of his since the Scream movies, so I was excited to see how he can handle taking on these Graboids and let me say that he was fucking awesome. Alongside with Michael Gross, this team is a force to be reckoned with. There is one scene that will have you cracking up that involves Burt and a cage. That's all I'm going to say.

The Graboids this time around are bigger and badder then ever, as they can hunt not only below, but also above, which is a much scarier thought. But I have to say that for a PG-13 flick, there's quite a bit of blood, which is always a plus.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines is a fun, wild ride and I highly recommend this one to all Tremors fans.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Torn Apart Eaten Alive - Script Review

Reviewed By: Mitch Penman

I have been given the opportunity by Kristy to read the anthology Torn Apart Eaten Alive. This is the first time I have read the script in a whole. So it was a little different as she had let me read it piece by piece as she wrote it. Although I can't give much away, I can tell you this: this will be a must see movie if it was ever made.

It starts out with a great intro leading with four people taking a family hostage. This leads us into 3 stories. The first story Theater of Flesh is full of lesbianism cannibalism and sadism. All the makings of a wonderful movie.

 Before the second story continues. The intro scene continues and leads us into our second story, Metal Hunger. This is about 4 bandmembers seeking to get the ultimate rush involving murder, bloodlust, and all out horror. As our second story ends, our interest story continues getting more intense.

Finally leading us into our third story, The Cabin. This is about four friends who head up to the cabin for a weekend thinking they are going to have a good time. But a good time is the last thing they have. Finally, The climax of the intro story which pieced all 3 short stories together.

This is a wonderful script and flows together very well. Kristy has put a lot of time and effort into this script. I am very excited for everyone to finally have the chance to read this as soon she gets it together and posts it. U guys are gonna LUV IT. I'm sure of it.

Friday, September 18, 2015

First Night in the New House

Gates of Gore wants you to check out this creepy 5 minute short film, First Night in the New House.

If you want to see this become a feature length film titled The Crazy House, then please donate to their Indiegogo Campaign to help them out.

The Crazy House Campaign

Please check out the official website for Insane-O-Rama for more updates.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lost After Dark Review

Starring: Sarah Fisher, Mark Wiebe, Jesse Camacho, Kendra Leigh Timmins, David Lipper, Robert Patrck, Elise Gatien, Justin Kelly

Director: Ian Kessner

A group of high school students sneaks away from their school dance to travel out to a cabin in the woods for some fun, but when their ride gets broken down, they find themselves at the home of a known cannibal.

I have been so disappointed with the amount of slashers that gets made these days. They are either poorly made or just plain boring, but Lost After Dark was a really nice surprise.

First of all, it's set in 1984 and watching a retro-style horror movie is always fun because I am obsessed with horror movies from the 80's and it brings back great memories from that time in my life. And with this being a cannibalistic slasher, it made it much better.

The acting was actually better then I thought it would be. I didn't know most of these actors, except for Sarah Fisher, from Degrassi and Robert Patrick, but everyone did an amazing job. The only thing that bothers me is when they have to include animals in the mix because you know what's going to happen to them.

The death scenes were great, brutal and gory. Some of the death scenes were quite surprising too. I really hope they make a sequel, this needs one.

Finally, Lost After Dark is a fun, gory retro-style slasher that you need to check out. I highly recommend it.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Script on the Horizon

I am very excited to say that the first draft of The Trail of Satan is now complete and I am ready to start on my next project entitled "Torn Apart, Eaten Alive: A Cannibal Anthology". Here's a little synopsis of what this script is about.

A group of sorority sisters and their boyfriends kidnap a young couple to satisfy their own sexual depravity, but amongst the torture, they share 3 gruesome tales to tell them, all dealing with cannibalism.

Story #1 - Metal Hunger: A glam metal band, with a taste for blood, lures groupies to their doom.

Story #2 - Death Train: A train carrying young bikini models lures a man to his death, but this man isn't what he appears to be.

Story #3 - The Cabin: A group of friends go to a cabin out in the woods, but someone with a penchant for human flesh is waiting for them.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big Decision

In one of the biggest decisions I have ever made, I am proud to announce that Gates of Gore will now have a new co-owner in Mitch Penman. What does that entail? Everything! Mitch will not only get to do interviews, but he will also have the opportunity to do movie reviews, provide horror news....basically anything and everything that I do. Nothing will be off-limits.

Please congratulate Mitch Penman, the new co-owner of Gates of Gore!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kill That Bitch Review

Starring: Bloodcountess Bathory, Jessica Cook, Josh Eal, Elysia S. Gipson, Haley Madison, Mandi Monroe, Dave Parker, Erin R. Ryan, Brandon Salkil

Director: Dustin Wayde Mills

A group of women are brutally slain by some psychotic killer who shares a dark secret that connects them.

Kill That Bitch was the first movie I got to see from Dustin Wayde Mills and I have to say that it was  quite interesting. I was surprised that it only runs 68 minutes because I feel that more could've been explained as to what the entire connection was between the characters. I felt that was briefly talked about, but more could have been said.

The acting was pretty good, especially that of Erin R. Ryan, who I am more familiar with after watching some other idie horror flicks that she is in. I can't wait to see more from her. 

The death scenes were pretty brutal and that's always a plus with me, even though you can tell how low budget some of the gore and special effects were. 

Kill That Bitch had a lot going for it, beautiful women being brutally slaughtered and an ending that I didn't see coming from a mile away. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Dustin.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Camp Killer Needs You

Please help and support the making of CAMP KILLER featuring Jimmyo Burril, April Burril and Ari Lehman. This is going to be a killer film!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Train Review

Starring: Thora Birch, Gideon Emery, Kavan Reece, Derek Magyar, Gloria Votsis, Todd Jensen, Vladimir Vladimirov, Koyna Ruseva, Valentin Ganev

Director: Gideon Raff

An American championship wrestling team, traveling through Eastern Europe, board a train headed to the Ukraine, but on this train, they are headed into hell.

The first time I had heard about this movie being made, they had said it was going to be a remake of Terror Train, which I was actually looking forward to. However, I guess they took everything into a different direction as they have turned it into what you can call it "Hostel on a train".

I've never really been a fan of torture porn, as I still haven't seen the Hostel flicks, but for some reason, Train just drew me in and I am so glad that I finally watched it.

The torture scenes were great and brutal. All of the gore was so impressive and that's what I always look for in a horror movie. I was glued to the screen during the entire flick.

Everyone did a great job, but damn, Thora Birch kicked all sorts of ass. Her revenge was intense as hell.

After watching Train, I'm going to have to go and watch the Hostel flicks. I highly recommend this one.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Staff Promotion

Gates of Gore is happy to announce that fellow staff member, Mitch Penman has a new Gates of Gore title, Contributing Interviewer. That's right, Mitch will also get to interview independent horror celebrities for Gates of Gore, which will all begin in a few months. These interviews will also be featured in Gates of Gore's upcoming book, which is very exciting, so stay tuned for more updates.

2015 is the year of the gore!

Headless Review

Starring: Shane Beasley, Kelsey Carlisle, Ellie Church, Dave Parker, Kaden Miller, Jennifer Lee, Haley Madison, Brian Williams, Matt Keeley

Director: Arthur Cullipher

Claiming to be a "lost slasher film from 1978" this film is about a  skull-masked killer, who goes on an extremely gruesome murder spree that also includes cannibalism and necrophilia.

The first thing I need to say about this film is....HOLY SHIT! I can't remember if I have ever reacted to a movie like this at all, but that is really saying something.

Shane Beasley, who played the killer did an incredible job. As he is butchering his victims, we gets to see his past through flashbacks and how he slowly descended into madness, which you kinda feel sorry for him at times.

I am a huge gorehound and I can say that this movie made me happy. The killer doesn't just kill his victims, but he also cuts up their bodies, eats their eyeballs and decapitates them. Not only that, but he also fucks their decapitated heads, which I have never seen before, but I loved those scenes. That was some fucked up shit there.

The filmmakers made you think this movie was made back in 1978, which was a nice touch. I also loved the fact it looked like you were watching a VHS, which also included a fake trailer at the beginning for a movie called "Wolf Baby".

"Headless" is a wickedly fucked up bloodbath that every true gorehound should see. You won't be sorry.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chaos Review

Starring: Kevin Gage, Sage Stallone, Kelly K.C. Quann, Maya Barovich, Chantal Degroat, Stephen Wozniak, Deborah Lacey, Scott Richards

Director: David DeFalco

Two teenage girls, looking to score some ecstasy, are kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered by a group of thugs, led by a guy named Chaos.

Ever since I heard about this movie, I was looking forward to it because I had heard that it's basically a remake (or retelling) of Last House on the Left, but after watching it, I can see the similarities.

The story, the thugs, the revenge and even the inept cops are all there, but for some reason, I thought Last House was way more brutal. Don't get me wrong, there was some brutality in this movie, but I just didn't think it was brutal enough.

The acting was quite good. I've been familiar with lead actor, Kevin Gage ever since I saw him in Strangeland and he is a really great actor and plays the ultimate bad guy in this one. 

I was feeling sad when I saw Sage Stallone though, who passed away a few years ago. His character wasn't that bad, so I felt sorry for him. 

I give a lot of credit to the actresses who had to endure all the torture, I really felt what they were going through. I just wish those scenes were way more brutal then what they were. I guess I just wanted more then what I really got.

The other problem I had was the ending because it truly pissed me off. I hate these kinds of endings and for those that have seen it knows what I'm talking about.

All in all, Chaos is a well made and brutal movie in the same vein as Last House on the Left, just not as good, in my opinion. The ending kinda ruined it for me.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hell Fire Review

Starring: J. Scott Green, Katelyn Marie Marshall, Selene Beretta, Jennice Carter, Kasey Williams, Ray Chao

Director: Marc Fratto

A group of prostitutes turns to an extremely violent home invasion to make some quick cash, but what they don't know is that the hostage they take with them is actually the Antichrist and all hell is about to break loose.

I have been a fan of Marc Fratto's work ever since I first saw Strange Things Happen At Sundown, a wild vampire flick that was full of violence. Same thing goes for Last Rites of the Dead, which was his zombie flick. 

So, where does that leave Hell Fire? Well, let you tell you one thing, you are in for one hell of a wild ride.

The actresses that played the prostitutes did a great job. I did feel sorry for some of these women, but Rosetta was one cruel bitch, who didn't care who she killed.

J. Scott Green, who portrayed The Antichrist was actually fun to watch. Some of his dialogue was pretty witty, but the evil look in his eyes was very wicked. He did an outstanding job. Also, I must say that he kind of reminded me of Charles Manson and you know that is one scary dude.

The gore and special effects were incredibly impressive, especially the demonic transformations. 

Hell Fire is a fun, violent wild ride with lots of blood throughout. I only have one suggestion....DON'T FUCK WITH THE ANTICHRIST.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Beginning and Beyond

When I first started Gates of Gore, I never thought that it would become this big. 

I started doing reviews back in 2002. but it wasn't until 2003 that I created Gates of Gore. If you didn't know where I got the name, Gates of Gore came from a company that specialized in import horror movies from around the world. The company was located here in Mississippi and I really got to know the owner. I was disappointed when he told me that he was going to have to close shop. He was a very nice guy and I always loved the name of the company. Well, when I needed a name for my website, I always remembered the name, Gates of Gore and well, there ya go.

In 2013, due to a loss in the family I really thought about giving up Gates of Gore. I didn't have the energy to keep it going and just didn't care anymore. However, it's now 2015 and Gates of Gore is going stronger then ever. 

First off, I want to thank everyone that has stuck with me from the beginning and that keeps on supporting me on my ventures.

Secondly, I want to thank Mary Goff and Mitch Penman for becoming what Gates of Gore is now, a kickass company that has many projects in the works that no one will ever believe. They are also responsible and hugely involved with The Trail of Satan, the horror script that I am currently writing that is going to be the biggest gorefest that anyone has ever seen.

Bigger things will be coming, just wait......

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Human Centipede 3 Review

Starring: Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey, Bree Olsen, Eric Roberts, Robert LaSardo, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Clayton Rohner, Tom Six

Director: Tom Six

The warden of a notorious, out-of-control prison decide to create a 500-person human centipede to keep these prisoners in line.

I seriously hated the first Human Centipede film. I always give films the benefit of the doubt, but I just didn't like it at all. That's also why I have avoided watching the sequel, even though I own it. I might just have to go back at some point to watch it, but we'll see.

After checking out the trailer for the 3rd and final Human Centipede film, I was actually excited about seeing this one. It's really because I'm a huge fan of Eric Roberts, even though he's not in this movie much at all and the idea of a 500-person human centipede seemed a bit outrageous and boy, was it ever. 

I loved the movie-within-a-movie aspect, where the first 2 Human Centipede films were the inspiration and even the director makes a cameo, which I thought was fun. 

What I thought was funny that the main baddies from the first 2 films were in this one together, as if they didn't recognize their own selves. 

Dieter Laser (from the first one) was quite funny in this movie. His character, as the warden was vulgar, sadistic and a chicken shit. You'll see what I mean when you see this one. Laurence R. Harvey (from the 2nd one) was actually lovable, I liked his character the most.

Seeing familiar faces was the best...Robert LaSardo, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister and Bree Olsen did a great job with what they were given to do. Bree was actually the only female in the entire movie. She portrayed the warden's secretary and sexual plaything, big surprise there.

The only thing that bummed me out was that you had to wait through most of the movie before they conducted the 500-person human centipede. However, they added an extra touch when they also did a human caterpillar that you need to see to believe.

Even though the film runs 102 minutes, it does move at a pretty fast pace, so it doesn't seem that you are waiting forever for the good stuff to happen.

The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence] was a fun movie-with-a-movie tongue firmly planted in cheek send off to the notorious Human Centipede films and I have to admit, I enjoyed this one way too much, but I'm sure it's not for everyone.

Human Centipede 3 ~ Now On VOD

If you've been waiting patiently for the 3rd and final film in the Human Centipede trilogy then it has officially been released today on VOD. I have Comcast and it is playing on there in the IFC Midnight category. As soon as I can, I will be doing a review of this one, so stay tuned....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Upcoming Projects

I have a busy year ahead of me. Not only is The Trail of Satan still in the writing process, but I will be following that with my cannibal anthology Torn Apart, Eaten Alive. I am also going to be writing a slasher flick that I am sure everyone thought I'd write first, since I love slashers more then anything. The slasher one is untitled at the moment, but I will reveal the name at a later date.

Stay tuned....

Scarewaves Coming Soon

Henrique Couto's latest horror flick, Scarewaves, is slated to come out on VOD on October 13th and will be released on DVD October 27th...just in time for Halloween. Make sure to buy yourself a copy!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Email Inquiries

I am proud to say that Gates of Gore now has it's own email address for any inquiries you may have for review or interview purposes. If you need to contact me for business purposes only, then email me at

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Trail of Satan Goes Live

I have officially created a website for all Trail of Satan news, so if you are following the progress as I write the script and continuously promote everything associated with it, please visit the site below.

The Trail of Satan

Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Orphan Killer Review

Starring: Diane Foster, David Backus, Matt Farnsworth, Edward Winrow, Ramon Villa, Devin Foster, Margot White, Mike Doyle

Director: Matt Farnsworth 

Audrey and her brother Marcus are sent to St. Michael's Orphanage after the brutal slayings of their parents. Audrey is quickly adopted, leaving Marcus behind to be constantly punished by the nuns and made to wear a mask, due to his violent behavior. Years later, Audrey now works at the same orphanage and Marcus is on the hunt for his baby sister in the ultimate and brutal showdown that is not to be missed.

New slashers these days are a hit or miss with me. I am so used to the wonders that is the 80's, I'm always hoping to find that one slasher that is destined to be a cult classic. One that you will always remember years from now.

Well, guess what? I found it!!!!

The Orphan Killer is like that of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. He's the new ultimate killing machine that stops at nothing to get what he wants and damn those that gets in his way.

Diane Foster is a really great actress. She portrays Audrey, the heroine in this little tale and let me just say, she is one feisty broad. Her character knows how to fight back and that's what I love. I seriously hate when female characters just don't fight back when they should.  

David Backus plays Marcus (The Orphan Killer) and unlike Jason or Michael, he can talk and is so menacing. His brutality towards these characters is unimaginable. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty or bloody, should I say, when he chops up bodies left and right.

I will say that if you are easily offended, you should avoid it. There's a scene involving simulated blowjob inside a church. That was something else, but I kinda laughed at that.

The gore, the story, the acting and even the metal soundtrack is fucking awesome and everyone should check it out as soon as possible.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Debra Mayer RIP

It is with a heavy heart to report that Full Moon actress Debra Mayer has passed away. She has appeared in such films as Groom Lake, Hell Asylum, Decadent Evil, Blood Dolls, Prison of the Dead and many more. No word yet on the cause, but I will update everyone as soon as I find out.

May she rest in peace!

Debra Mayer

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It Follows Review

Starring: Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe, Jake Weary, Daniel Zovatto, Debbie Williams, Ruby Harris

Director: David Robert Mitchell

After a sexual encounter, a young woman is being followed by some supernatural force in human form, that is until she either passes it to another sexual partner or this thing kills her.

First of all, let me say that after watching the trailer, I really wanted to check this one out. It looked quite unique in it's subject matter and something that I could get into. However, I was so wrong.

It started off strong and creepy, wondering what was going to happen next, but after this girl had sex and she finds out that she's going to be followed by something strange, it was basically the same damn thing throughout the entire movie. I'm actually surprised that I made it to the end, I was so bored.

I will say that the acting was good, especially for a movie with a bunch of unknowns, I just wish they got a lot more out of this, except running away from whatever is following them and having sex to pass it, expecially one sex scene in the hospital. That was ridiculous. And then when the end came, well, it just ended without explanation.

There was 2 death scenes in the entire movie and there could've been more. I guess that's why I usually stay away from supernatural flicks. I expect more and then get let down big time. "It Follows" was a big let down, I'm sorry to say. I would love to see these actors do another horror flick, but maybe something that is bloody and not just running, screaming and screwing. I have a feeling that if it wasn't for the sex, it would've been rated PG-13 instead.

"It Follows" was a 100 minute movie of nothing interesting going on, not even the sex was interesting, in my book. If you must see it, then wait to rent it.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Trail of Satan Shirts

I am currently creating a series of Trail of Satan shirts featuring the amazing artwork from Mary Goff and using some of the taglines that I came up with while in the process of writing the script. That way you can have more then one to choose from. It's going to be awesome!

Stay tuned for ordering info.....

Monday, May 04, 2015

Intruder Review

Starring: Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez, Dan Hicks, David Byrnes, Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Euegene Robert Glazer, Billy Marti, Burr Steers, Craig Stark

Director: Scott Spiegel

The employees of a grocery store are having to stay overnight to get ready for their going-out-of-business sale, but someone is not about to let that happen as each employee is being brutally slaughtered one by one.

I first heard about this movie when I saw an episode of "The Incredibly Strange Film Show" featuring Sam Raimi. After the discussion about the "Evil Dead" movies, they went behind the scenes for a little known slasher called "Night Crew: The Final Checkout" (which officially became "Intruder" for distribution). 

The movie was directed by Scott Spiegel, which I had seen in the films "The Dead Next Door" and "Skinned Alive". I knew that he could act, but had no idea that he could direct too, which happily surprised me.

The gore scenes are definitely something to see. The VHS version is cut to shit, so I am glad that I avoided it and waited for the uncut version because those scenes are incredible, including the bandsaw and trash compactor scenes. This is what gore is supposed to look like, not that crappy fakeness that I keep seeing these days. Besides, if you want to see both Sam Raimi and Ted Raimi get brutally killed, then this is the movie for you.

"Intruder" is one badass slasher film from the 80's that every gorehound needs to check out.

The Official Gates of Gore T-Shirt

Wanna own a piece of the Gore? Well, now you can! I am finally revealing the long-awaited Gates of Gore T-Shirt. Check out the design below and if you'd like one, just click the link and order yourself one. You know you all want to.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Camp Massacre Review

Starring: Jim O'Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor, Dick Warlock, Bree Olson, Al Snow, T.J. Moreschi. Nicholas Huntsman, Scott  Tepperman, Ava Cronin, Megan Hunt

Director: Jim O'Rear and Daniel Emery Taylor

A group of overweight men participate in a new reality-based weight loss competition show to win a million dollars, but things go horribly wrong when someone is killing them off one by one.

Ever since I had heard about this film, I have been wanting to see it. I am addicted to slashers, so I knew that this would be up my ally. I was hoping that the filmmakers would not go down the same road as a previous film that I had the displeasure of checking out called "The Hospital". At some point, I'll have to do a review of it and you'll understand why, if you've never seen it. 

The gore effects was something else. You can tell how fake it all was. Even the machete that was used looked ridiculous. The blood and guts was funny as hell. At least it was all practical and not shitty CGI effects that I truly hate more than anything.

The actors did a really good job with what was given to them and you can see that they were having a great time with it. I think the only thing that I was disappointed with was that porn-star Bree Olson was only in the beginning and she is featured on the cover, which is misleading. However, for someone that does porn, she can act, which is quite rare. I do hope to see her in more horror films.

"Camp Massacre" is a fun ride, but be prepared, this movie is over 2 hours long. At least it wasn't boring.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Shirts are coming

In a week or 2, you will feast your eyes on the Official Gates of Gore T-Shirt along with 2 different T-Shirts for The Trail of Satan. This is something that I've been wanting to do for some time and I am really excited that it's coming about. I can't wait for you to own a piece of the Gore!

Monday, April 27, 2015

You're In For A Ride

With The Trail of Satan still in the writing process, Gates of Gore is getting into more of a business venture and I'm taking you all along for the ride.

I am currently making official business cards and also looking into making both Gates of Gore and Trail of Satan T-shirts and possibly posters. As soon as they are ready to show (and believe me, they all look amazing), I will update the website to show what could be one the greatest thing since the start of Gates of Gore.

Stay Tuned......

Friday, April 24, 2015

Island of Death Review

Starring: Robert Behling, Jane Lyle, Jessica Dublin, Gerard Gonalons, Jannice McConnell, Ray Richardson

Director: Nico Mastorakis

A British couple travel to a small Greek Island spreading terror where ever they go and fucking anyone or anything they want in the midst of their chaos.

First of all let me say, I am in shock that I made it through this movie. I heard about Island of Death when I saw the Video Nasty documentary, but I just had to check it out as I want to watch all the video nasties that I can seek out. Have you ever regretted watching a movie so bad? Well, this is that movie.

Island of Death has a depravity to it that it might make you feel uncomfortable. The filmmakers made this for pure shock value. I can handle the sex scenes, that doesn't bother me in the least, but when they involve a farm animal, then they are fucked up. Yes, the main actor fucks a goat and then slaughters it. I don't care whether it's fake or not, I don't know, but it's just sick.

The murder scenes were the only good thing going and even though they are not graphic, some of them were quite impressive. Also, a big revelation at the end was shocking, but I already knew what it was, just not going to reveal it here, in case you actually want to see this piece of trash.

All in all, Island of Death has no redeeming value and is one that I don't recommend. If you must, you have been warned.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Gates of Gore's Team

I am pleased to announce the addition of Mary Goff And Mitch Penman to the Gates of Gore family.

You have already seen the great artwork that Mary did for The Trail of Satan and she will also be doing the artwork for all future projects. 

Mitch will be a major contributor. He will get to know and be involved with everything that involves Gates of Gore's projects before anyone else. Mitch will also be a big collaborator on The Trail of Satan to make it even more rockin' and gory. It's a huge responsibility, but I know he will be the best.

Both of these great people are the best and what will bring Gates of Gore to a great 2015.

Please welcome them!!!! Gore Forever!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Evilspeak Review

Starring: Clint Howard, Don Stark, R.G. Armstrong, Richard Moll, Haywood Nelson, Joe Cortese

Director: Eric Weston

Stanley Coopersmith, a military student who is mercilessly bullied by his fellow classmates, teachers and even the priest. While he is working on the school computer, he finds a Satanic book that was written centuries ago by known Satanist Father Esteban, whose coffin is in the basement of the school's chapel. As the book is being translated in the computer, Father Esteban takes control and convinces Stanley to take revenge in a black magic ritual.

When his classmates go too far, Stanley seeks the ultimate revenge in a climax you have to see to believe.

Character actor Clint Howard (Ron Howard's little brother) plays the bullied Stanley Coopersmith and he was so incredible. I've been a fan of Clint's for years, but never really saw one of his earlier roles, as this movie was made in 1981. 

I had avoided it for some time because way back when, I wasn't into the Satanic scene. Never was interested at all. However, I've been really getting into the video nasties and decided to finally seek this flick out, as I bought the Blu-ray. I am so glad I made that decision because Evilspeak kicks fucking ass.

Now, let me say that it is a bit slow as to get to know the characters and see the pain that everyone puts on Stanley, but the outcome in the end is well worth the wait.

When Father Esteban, portrayed by Richard Moll, possess Stanley, that gave me the chills and no other movie ever did that to me at all. 

There is one scene I want to talk about though, the school secretary gets devoured by some wild boars from hell, while she is taking a shower. The scene is great, but I was hoping that it would've been a lot gorier, but alas, it wasn't. That was the only disappoint in the entire movie though.

Evilspeak has quickly become one of my favorite movies of all time andf I highly recommend it.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Crowley Review

Starring: Simon Callow, Kal Weber, Lucy Kudden, Jud Charlton, Paul McDowell, John Shrapnel

Director: Julian Doyle

Originally titled Chemical Wedding, Crowley (the US title) tells the tale of Neo-Pagan Aleister Crowley, known as "The Wickedest Man in the World", who died in 1947.

50 years after his death, Cambridge scholar Professor Oliver Haddo enters a Virtual Reality Machine, but things go awry and he becomes possessed by the spirit of Crowley.

Crowley proceeds to begin his occult practices all over again, in search for a "scarlet bride" to marry and increase his powers.

I really didn't know what to expect, but this was one of the most kick ass movies I've seen in a long time. Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson co-wrote this little tale and I was surprised. I love Bruce Dickinson, but had no idea that he could write a movie such as this.

Simon Callow, who portrayed Haddo/Crowley was amazing. He freaked me out in so many ways. Even when it was over, I wanted more.

I was more shocked at the sexual overtone in this movie. The implied masturbation and sex orgy scene was a sight to see. There are some death scenes, but not a lot and nothing in the way of gory.

What I loved even more was that both Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden provided a few songs for the soundtrack, which was great. Also, Bruce provided a couple of cameos, which was great to see.

It took me this long to finally check Crowley out and I wish it hadn't, but I will say that it was well worth it. I plan to watch it many more times. 

Hospital Massacre Review

Starring: Barbi Benton, Charles Lucia, Jon Van Ness, John Warner Williams, Ben Surles

Director: Boaz Davidosn

A woman named Susan has to go to the hospital to pick up some test results, but she is forced to stay without her consent. However, someone dressed in surgical scrubs is obsessed with her and kills anyone that gets in his way.

I love 80's slashers and rented Hospital Massacre so many times. It was one that I could watch all the time. I also love slashers that takes place in a hospital, it creeps me out so much.

Well, let me get to what I think of Hospital Massacre.

Playboy Playmate Barbi Benton portrayed Susan Jeremy and for the first time I can say that she did an excellent job.; I've seen other playmates go into the acting field and fail miserably, but not in this case. You can actually feel the terror that she is going through. Sadly, Hospital Massacre was the only horror movie she ever did. I would love to have seen her in more of them.

I think everyone did a really good job and as 80's slashers go, it's not overly gory, but that alright with me. I wasn't into a lot of gore as a kid, like I am now. There are plenty of death scenes, creepy hospital scenes and the finale was great.

It sucks that they don't make slashers like these anymore. I would relish it so much.

If you love the slashers from the 80's then I highly recommend you check out Hospital Massacre. It was released on a double feature Blu-ray alongside another slasher called Schizoid, so you should definitely buy it.