Sunday, November 11, 2007

Basic Slaughter Review

A mysterious person, dressed from head to toe in all black and wielding a machete has come to the town of Rotary, Pennsylvania with one thing in mind....butcher as many people as this person comes in contact with.

Why is this person killing? Will anybody survive? Will anyone care? Probably not because after all, it is just BASIC SLAUGHTER!

Basic Slaughter is the latest film from writer/director Steve Rudzinski, who is known for his films....Legends and Wolfster. What's so different from these films? Basic Slaughter is not meant to be comedic in any shape or form. This is a pretty straight forward slasher film with some funny moments and a high body count.

I was quite surprised with Steve's first effort at making a slasher film. Sure, a majority of the characters were annoying, but when they get butchered in various ways, you don't really care about just want to cheer for the killer.

I did think that it was really cool that A Nightmare on Elm Street was mentioned a few times, plus the scene with Steve doing his karate reminded me of Nightmare on Elm Street 4 (the character of Rick doing the same stuff), although I'm not sure if that what he meant to do.

I feel the only drawback was that some scenes seemed to drag on a bit, but I guess we had to get a feel of the characters, although I thought it was a bit much at times.

In my opinion, slashers are the greatest form of entertainment in the horror genre and I think Basic Slaughter fits right in there, and I really hope that there might be a sequel in the future. Just an idea!

Check out Basic Slaughter, if you dare!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Book of Lore Review

Ricky's girlfriend has just turned up dead and he gets handed what looks like a composition notebook known as "Book of Lore"...which is an encyclopedia of local murders that happened in his small town. Strange things begin to happen and more bodies start piling up as Ricky and his friends try to uncover what's really going on.

Can they stop the evil that has returned to this town?

Chris LaMartina first introduced us to the "Book of Lore" in the anthology film, "Dead Teenagers". I remember getting to review that film and thinking..."what a great idea that would be if "Book of Lore" was made into a movie." It was a total surprise that it was indeed going to become a film on it's own.

After viewing "Book of Lore" it came to my mind that I had just watched what I consider the best film of 2007. Don't get me wrong, there's been some going movies of this year, but none of them had such an impact on me, especially of the low budget variety.

This film is not overly gory, which I love most of the time, but it had some death scenes that impressed the hell out of me.

I was also happy with the casting of this movie. I thought everyone did a splendid job and I hope to see them in more movies!

If you love horror movies that has alot of twists and turns and has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, then I highly recommend, "Book of Lore"...a surefire horror classic of the ages!