Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gates of Gore's Top 10 Movies of 2007

10. Splatter Beach ~ Camp Motion Pictures was steered in the right direction with this film as their first in-house production. Directed by the Polonia Bros. and starring Erin Brown and Erika Smith, I thought this film had a really great feel of those old 50's beach movies mixed in with the creature features. I've been a fan of the Polonia Bros. for quite a while now, so it's really awesome to see something new from them.

9. Basic Slaughter ~ Steve Rudzinski's first attempt at making a slasher film was quite impressive by my standards and this coming from someone who basically worships slasher films. Steve did an awesome job and I hope that maybe there will be a sequel coming...maybe in 2008.

8. Dead Clowns ~ Not actually made in 2007, but was officially released this year by Lions Gate, I thought it definitely deserved to be mentioned as one of Gates of Gore's fave in 2007. I mean, come get some great scream queens like Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon and Robyn Griggs being slaughtered by "dead clowns" that remind you of those zombies that Fulci had done. For those that haven't seen this movie yet, you definitely should!

7. Book of Lore ~ After having seen Chris LaMartina's Dead Teenagers, I was hoping that "Book of Lore" would actually be a feature film on it's own and it has! Not a really gory movie, but I was fucking impressed with what Chris came up with. He did such an excellent job and everyone was great. I was not disappointed at all!

6. Planet Terror ~ I missed the whole "Grindhouse" experience when it hit the theaters and I haven't seen Death Proof yet, but I have to say that Planet Terror was everything I was hoping for and more. Rose McGowan fucking rocks!!!!

5. Hack! ~ Just recently released not that long ago, Hack! has quickly become one of my new face slashers of 2007. With small cameos by Kane Hodder and William Forsythe and a cavalcade of soap stars (yes, I watch soap so shut up!) this movie really surprised me. It was quite gory, plus there was quite a bit of horror references that I thought was cool. Defintely worth check out, especially if you love slashers like i do.

4. Plane Dead ~ Saw this one with the original title. It's now known as "Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane". I'll be honest though, I thought Plane Dead was a better title. Anyway, just imagine "Snakes on a Plane", but with zombies instead and then there you go. I had alot of fun watching this movie, it just had enough of gore to satisfy me. Check it out!

3. Hatchet ~ Fuck Yeah!!!!! This movie rules so much. When I first watched it, I was surprised at how much gore there was. I mean you get bodies pulled apart and mutilated...ahhh! It just came out on DVD, so pick it up you fuckers!

2. Halloween (2007) ~ I hated the thought of Halloween being remade. I mean the original is such a classic and one of my all-time favorite movies. Then I heard that Rob Zombie was the one doing it. I had some hope that it was going to be good and being Rob, I knew that it was going to be gory. I had got my hands on the workprint version and I thought it was ok, nothing special really. However, I got the unrated director's cut and loved it even more. Between both, the ending of the unrated one was a hundred times better than the workprint one, so I'm glad it was changed. The only thing is that they cut out Bill Moseley and Leslie Easterbrook in this unrated version and I really wanted to see them. On the other hand, I got to see Mickey Dolenz and that made me happy because I love The Monkees.

1. Fake Blood ~ Finally, a full length feature made by one of my favorite filmmakers, Andrew Shearer. Fake Blood is actually a mockumentary about the behind the scenes of the making of a horror film and all the grueling stuff they have to go through to get it done, even all the crap that a so-called diva soap actress put them through (played convincingly by Mitsu Bitchi). I really hope that Andrew makes more feature films because it shows that he can definitely pull it off.