Monday, July 26, 2010

The Brimstone Movie Collection Presents: Vampires and Other Stereotypes

Kevin J. Lindenmuth is re-releasing some of his titles in a new collection entitled "The Brimstone Movie Collection". "Vampires and Other Stereotypes" is one of the coolest independent horror flicks that I have ever seen. I bought it on VHS back in the late 90's and I just cherish it. Now, it's finally being re-released on a brand spanking new DVD (I think it was released on DVD under the title "Hell's Belles" at one time).

Gates of Gore can't recommend this movie enough, it's so much fun. You get vampires, demons, zombies and more all in one movie.

Do yourself a favor, when this movie is released....BUY IT!!!!!

Other titles coming soon from "The Brimstone Movie Collection" include....

"Addicted to Murder"
"Addicted to Murder: Tainted Blood"
"Walking Between the Raindrops: Revisited"