Monday, October 29, 2007

Camp Slaughter Review

Last year I was browsing through Netflix looking for some horror movies to rent when I came upon a movie called "Camp Slaughter". I had known about this flick, but not what it was about. After reading the synopsis for it, I knew it was one that I had to rent. Sadly, when it got here, I never even had to chance to watch it. I thought that was a bummer. However, I finally got to watch it this year and realized that I sure missed something when I first rented it.

It's 1981 and the counselors and campers at Camp Hiawatha are having a really good time. They are singing around the campfire and just having a blast. 2 of the campers sneak off into the woods to have a little fun of their own, but it's not too long when someone murders them (ala Friday the 13th).

Fast forward 24 years later. A group of friends are heading to Maine when they all of a sudden get stranded in the middle of nowhere. It's late at night and their SUV will not start, so they stay in the vehicle all night long until they get woke up by a few people that looks like they came right out of the 80's.

What these friends find out is that they are now stranded at Camp Hiawatha, it's 1981 and there's a killer on the they are having to live each day over and over.

Will these friends get out of what I like to call the twilight zone before it's too late?

"Camp Slaughter" is a cross between "Friday the 13th" and "Groundhog Day" and I never thought that could even be possible, but director Alex Pucci really did a great job combining both movies.

For those that are into the camp slashers like me, you will love the various ways that these campers and counselors are's like you are reliving the good old days of the 80's camp slashers and I truly felt like I was witnessing the mayhem.

"Camp Slaughter' will satisfy all you slasher fans with all the bloody goodness plus on a final note, if you are a fan of the show "Kyle XY"...make sure to check out Matt Dallas' acting in this film....he was great!