Saturday, December 30, 2006

Santa Claws Review

Director: John Russo
Cast: Debbie Rochon, Grant Cramer, John Mowod, Dawn Michelucci, Savannah Calhoun, Marilyn Eastman, Julie Wallace Deklavon

Santa Claws was recently released in a 10th anniversary DVD from PopCinema. I was hoping that I would've gotten this DVD, so I'd have an excuse to review it, but it never came. I do, however, own the VHS that has a completely different cover than the one that was just released, which is cool with me.

When the Christmas holiday recently came upon us, I decided to check out this film again. I haven't watched it since the first time I bought the movie, which was some years ago. The only thing that I remembered was that I didn't like the movie at all when I first viewed it. Has my mind changed, since that first viewing? Well, all I will say at this moment is that it did....but only a little bit.

Raven Quinn is an erotic b-movie horror actress who's having serious problems in her marriage. However, that's not the only problem she's having problems with...her next door neighbor has an unhealthy obsession with Raven and will do anything he can to make her happy, even if it mean dressing up like Santa Clause and offing anyone that's in her way...mainly the people that she works with.

Will Raven get away from this lunatic and get her marriage back on track?

This was the first movie I had ever seen with Debbie Rochon. At that time, I had no idea who she was, but she sure impressed the hell out of me. It wasn't until years later and many more films I had seen was when I had become one of the biggest fans of Debbie's. She just gives off an amazing presence in every role that she has, whether the movie is great or a big disappointment. You can always count on Debbie to make every movie worthwhile.

I think the only thing I wish was that Santa Claws could've been a bit gorier. The killings were actually pretty lame and almost bloodless. That's something that irks me because I love watching people get mutilated in various ways. No, I don't need help, I just love gory horror movies...hehe!

In my opinion, I think that Santa Claws could've been executed in a much better way. I'm not a huge fan of John Russo. Have you ever seen some of his interviews? He's a bit incoherent at times, you just can't understand him. Maybe that's just the way he is, I don't know, I've never met him.

On a final note, I'd have to say that Santa Claws is definitely for all you die hard Debbie Rochon fans only, but sadly, no one else!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Best Movies of 2006

2006 is about to come to an end soon and I have been lucky to see quite a few movies that impressed the shit out of me this year.

So, without further adieu, here is my list of what I considered the best movies of 2006.

10.See No Evil (Director: Gregory Dark)
9. Carnage For the Destroyer (Director: Chris Seaver)
8. The Karaoke Kid (Director: Chris Seaver)
7. Last Rites of the Dead (Director: Marc Fratto)
6. Shock-O-Rama (Director: Brett Piper)
5. Destruction Kings (Director: Chris Seaver)
4. My Dead Girlfriend (Director: Brett Kelly)
3. Slither (Director: James Gunn)
2. Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches (Director: Henrique Couto)
1. Murder Is Like Sex (Director: Keith Boron)

I would also like to give an honorary mention to the best short films I've seen this year and those belong to Gonzoriffic Films. The Cannibal Sisters remake and their newest short film, Two in the Pink were amazing and very impressive. I am so looking forward to more from Andrew Shearer and the Gonzoriffic crew!

Let's say goodbye to 2006 and hello to a very productive 2007!!!!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Zombiethon Review

Remember the good old days of Wizard Video? They released some really cool horror flicks back in the day like THE BOOGEYMAN, THE HEADLESS EYES, CARNIVAL OF BLOOD and the movie that I'm about to review...ZOMBIETHON.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and relive those days again, renting these movies from my all-time favorite video store called Ray's Rent A Movie. They had the best selection and I was always fascinated by the big porno-style VHS boxes that they carried in this store. ZOMBIETHON was one of those releases that I wish I owned, but sadly mine is just a clamshell case. I will keep looking around until I find that big VHS box though.

Anyway, I should get to this review......

ZOMBIETHON doesn't really have much of a plot. Basically, the whole film is a bunch of clips from zombie films thrown together and this all takes place at a movie theater that is run guessed it...zombies.

Besides the zombies, there are a few women that are lured into this theater by some of the zombies in which each of the clips are shown.

ZOMBIETHON features clips from ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE LAKE, OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES, THE INVISIBLE DEAD, A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD, THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES and even one that doesn't have anything to do with zombies called FEAR. Not sure why that was included, but I'll be honest, it looked cool and I wouldn't mind seeing that one.

There are a couple of things that I love about this film....

1.) The zombies that are in this theater are so fake and you can tell. I guess that's why I think it's so funny. The main zombie that's running the projector just cracks me up, even when he's having problems with the tape.

2. ) Each of the clips that are shown are probably some of the bloodiest and sexiest scenes from each of the movies. It makes me wanna watch all of those movies for those reasons alone. Ok, not ZOMBIE LAKE, that movie just flat out sucked.

If you are a fan of zombie films and come on...who isn't? Then I suggest you try and find this movie. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to find one of those mom and pop stores and they'll have it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Poultrygeist Needs Your Help

Poultrygeist needs your help-So does independent art!
Body: Lloyd Kaufman's CALL TO ACTION! The Troma Team needs your help-So does independent art!

Greetings from Tromaville!

For 32 years, the Troma Team and I've been making our own brand independent films far removed (and happily in that truth may I add) from the Hollywood cookie-cutter system. Some of our films have been great and some of them have been, well, "Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD". But what can be said about all of them is that they have been memorable.

Our newest film, Poultrygeist: Night Of The Chicken Dead is our best film yet!

And yet I fear it's doomed to failure or worse: to be completely ignored.

You see, for years people have heard me complain that Troma's films (that's right, I said film.. 35mm film, damnit!!) have long been shut out of the system.. marginalized or just plain dismissed. Blockbuster won't carry us. The major theatrical chains won't play us. The press won't even call us back when we ask them to watch our films!

You might chalk this rant up as just another "Lloyd's roids" type rant, but consider this: Twenty years ago Troma was just one of over thirty truly independent film companies. Ten years ago, Troma was just one of twenty truly independent film companies. Today, Troma is the ONLY truly independent film company left.

Why is Troma that last man standing? Now this is not boasting, quite the opposite in fact.. For I feel that we too are not long for this celluloid coil.

Poultrygeist deserves at least the attention that some lesser films (e.g. "Snakes On A Plane") backed by the majors get. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this film (mostly belonging to the dedicated crew who worked for nothing but crappy food and a love of indie cinema) and a lot more bodily fluids will be excreted from my pores if this film goes the way of my last couple. And even though we know this film to be among our best, truthfully there is no way for us to compete (promotion wise) with the majors to prove .. At least there is no way that will not cost $50 million.

Much like production of the film itself, we need the help of dedicated, innovated, driven people to volunteer their time and creativity into forming a grass roots marketing campaign, which can raise awareness about this film!

But this is NOT just about Poultrygeist! This is about sending a message, perhaps spawning a movement! If we can wake up the world and show them that there are more choices than what the fast food conglomerates have to offer, we can birth a sort of artistic revolution, where once again the little man can get his art seen by the masses without selling his soul to the masters.

With your help, we might just be able to make Poultrygeist a success. We might be able to get the press to cover it, or movie theaters to play it. We might be able to get people to consider it for long enough to realize what a unique and great film it is!

So I get down on my knees, and ask you a favor. If Troma has ever made you laugh, or smile, or vomit: could you spare the time to consider the following list, any item of which could help us spread the word?

BY ANY (legal that is) MEANS NECESSARY!!!!

1) Can you add Poultrygeist to your Top 8 friends?
(*Also, list the movie in your favorite films!)

2) Can you watch and vote on the YouTube clips we have up?

3) If you have a website or a blog, can you encourage your readers to support the film? Maybe even repost this letter!
The MySpace link is
And the YouTube clips are at

4) Create your own fan sites! We will link them with all of ours!

5) Create your own stickers, stencils and posters and tag the country!!!

6) And if you have any other ideas, or suggestions, of how we can create awareness for this film, let me know at! I'm new to this web world, and I'd be really grateful for any help!

7) Finally, and this is the most important part... can you consider forwarding this email to everyone you know? That would be the biggest help.

Thanks for your support! Poultrygeist was made almost entirely through the efforts of volunteers around the world -- from the food served on set, to the 500 cast members. I'd hate to let these people down with a great film that no-one sees.

Unless you help get the bird.. err word out, the swan song of my 40 year career may be just another zombie chicken musical which no one gives a cluck about.

Thank you for anything you can do!

Yours Tromatically,


Thursday, November 02, 2006

The House On Sorority Row Review

Director: Mark Rosman

Cast: Kate McNeil, Eileen Davidson, Janis Ward, Robin Meloy, Harley Jane Kozak, Jodi Draigie, Ellen Dorsher, Lois Kelso Hunt

I absolutely adore slashers. I've probably mentioned that way too many times, but it's true and I will continue to say it until everyone knows it.

I love watching an unknown killer, whether he's wearing a mask or not...slicing and dicing through flesh, especially those of stupid young college students...sorority girls to be exact. I'm not jealous of the sorority girls, even though I know for a fact that I would've never been excepted by any of them...but I digress.

I was picking out some horror films to watch for the past Halloween season...well, just a few days ago and I saw my copy of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. I know it's on DVD, but I don't have that version, I just have the old Vestron Video that I had gotten from ebay a few years ago.

Vestron used to release some great horror flicks back in the day until they went out of business, but I'll talk about that at a later time. Maybe I'll write an article or something..that would be quite cool.

Anyway, back to my review of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW.

A group of girls decide to stay a bit longer in their sorority house to get prepared for their graduation party.

However, their house mother is dead set against them staying there as she always closes up during the summer months.

After a terrible run-in...basically one of them was caught having sex and the girl's waterbed was slashed to's decided that they will play a cruel prank on the woman. However, the prank goes awry and the woman ends up dead.

In a panic, the girls try to hide the body by covering it up and sinking it at the bottom of the pool.

Things seem to be going ok, but that's an understatement as someone knows what they did and they want to get revenge.

One by one, the girls begin disappearing (we know that someone is killing them) until there's only one left to confront this madman. Or is it madwoman?

I guess you'll have to find out what happens when you watch THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW.

As stated earlier, I love slashers. I really can't express that enough. However, I didn't say that the slashers from the 80's are the absolute best. I just think they are a slice of cheesy pie...hehe! I would rather watch a slasher from the 80's then all the crap that is being released these days...indies not included in that statement.

THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW is a great slasher piece from the 80's that I really enjoy. It's quite cheesy and the death scenes are pretty gory, especially the one scene where you see a girl's head in the toilet. You just don't see scenes like that anymore!

This film is one of Eileen Davidson's earlier roles. Who would've thought that she would now star in one of the most popular daytime soap ever (THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS)? I guess from watching her performance in this movie that you can see that she had potential from back in the day to become a huge success. She had that bitchy role down pat, I must say...hehe! Plus she had a brief sex scene too and yes, she does appear nude...topless mostly...hehe!

Anyway, I highly recommend THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. If you love cheesy slashers then seek this flick out. You won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Mutilator Review

Director: Buddy Cooper

Cast: Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez, Bill Hitchcock, Connie Rogers, Frances Raines, Morey Lampley, Jack Chatham, Bennie Moore

In the late 80's or possibly early 90's, I'm not sure, my mind isn't what it's cracked up to be these days, but there was a video store that I would always frequent before it was changed to Movie Gallery...those bastards! It was more of a mom and pop store that would carry over 300 horror movies. I really miss those days...ahhhhh!

Anyway, while I was in the back looking at all those wonderful horror movies, I came across one entitled THE MUTILATOR. I had never heard of it before, but from the cover and the description on the back, it was definitely my kind of movie. I decided to rent it, but after I brought it home and put it in the VCR, the damn tape broke. It was the only copy they had too, I was devestated...seriously, I was.

Fast forward to 2001. We finally got a computer and I signed up for ebay. I was browsing the horror section when I found a copy of THE MUTILATOR for sale, so I picked it up right away. It was pretty cheap too and I couldn't resist. When it arrived, I finally got to see the movie that I've been dying to view ever since that tape broke many years ago and let me tell you, it was so worth the wait!

As a young boy, Ed accidentally killed his mother with one of the guns that he was cleaning for his father's birthday. This drove his father crazy and rightly so. Years later, Ed and his college friends are trying to make plans for fall break when Ed gets a mysterious call from his father asking him to close up his house at the beach. Ed doesn't know why and refused to do it, until his friends convince him that they would help, but it would also be a great way to spend this vacation, they could party hearty.

However, when they get there, things just doesn't seem right, but they dismiss it and try to have some much needed fun.

Big mistake as the friends are being met by horrible deaths, each more gruesome than the last.

The one thing about THE MUTILATOR is that you know who the killer is the whole time. I'm not going to say, in case you haven't seen it yet, but it's obvious because the killer's identity is known not too far in the movie. However, it doesn't ruin the movie in any way, so don't fret about that.

I just adore 80's slashers and this one has it all....chessy dialogue, really gruesome deaths (do not rent the R rated version. If you can, make sure the cover says unrated or you're pretty much screwed) and one of the stupiedest, but very catchy opening songs I have ever heard. That song is called Fall Break, which upon checking IMDB, was also an alternate title for this movie. Good thing they changed it...hehe!

I highly recommend THE MUTILATOR for a fun and gore-filled slasher night!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Review

Director: Sylvain White

Cast: Brooke Nevin, David Paetkau, Torrey DeVitto, Ben Easter, Seth Packard, K.C. Clyde, Clay Taylor, Michael Flynn

When I first heard that there was going to be a new flick in the I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER franchise, I was expecting Jennifer Love Hewett and Freddie Prinze Jr to reprise their roles. At least that was the rumor last year, but we all know that alot of rumors don't come true.

I'LL ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (catchy title, ain't it?) was recently released on DVD, my sister picked it up for me at Movie Gallery, with a brand new cast and a new location.

During a 4th of July celebration, a group of teens decides to play a prank on everyone at the local carnival with one of their friends' dressed as the fisherman with the hook.

We all remember him from the first 2 in the series.

Anyway, they thought the prank went off without a hitch, but soon finds out that one of their friends was accidentally killed during this ruckus.

The friends band together and promise never to tell what happened of this incident...that they are supposed to take it to their graves. Poor choice of words, huh?

Now it's a year later. They have all returned to this town and someone knows what really happened the year before as they start getting mysterious messages. They play it off as maybe a prank, but things go from bad to worse as these friends are being brutally killed one by one.

Can they figure out who is doing the killing before it's too late?

When I first popped the DVD into the player, I really wasn't expecting much at all. I love watching slasher flicks, but they are all so predictable. This one is no different because you know what's going to happen next. However, I actually didn't see that ending coming, which made me very happy. I'm not going to say what happens, you'd have to watch it yourself.

The acting was pretty decent, especially from people that I don't really know. I'd have to look the names up, just to make sure about that, but none of them seemed familiar to me. The gore was pretty good too. It's not really all that gory, but with what their was, made me quite impressed.

If you're not sure that you want to add this movie to your collection, then I suggest that you rent it first, like I did, which is rare for me, since I usually buy movies before watching them. That's a huge flaw of mine, but hey, I collect horror movies, so there!

Anyway, check out this decent slasher flick. I think you'd be surprised at how good it really is.

Dead Clowns Review

Director: Steve Sessions

Cast: Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, Lucien Eisenach, Jeff Dylan Graham, Eric Spudic, Robyn Griggs, Kimberly Lynn Cole

I have never been one to be afraid of clowns. I always thought they were too silly for words and all the movies that I have seen, pertaining to clowns, were not serious enough in my book to even want to check out. Well, I can't say that about KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE. It's not a serious movie, but a fun one at best.

This brings us to the following movie that I recently got to check out entitled DEAD CLOWNS. Have you ever pictured a movie about clowns that were zombies? Well, that's what this movie is about and I gotta say that it rocks...hardcore!

DEAD CLOWNS tells the story about a group of people that are being butchered and eaten by a group of dead clowns that have risen from the bottom of the ocean due to a fierce hurricane that have struck a southern sea port town.

They may be clowns, but there's nothing funny about these zombified killers, so you better watch out!

The first movie that I got to see from Steve Sessions was CREMAINS. I thought that was a pretty cool movie. Next up was a little film called HELLBOUND: BOOK OF THE DEAD. I thought that one was ok at best. It was really slow and I was kinda disappointed with the ending. DEAD CLOWNS is definitely different then anything I'd ever seen from Steve. Sure, it was slow in parts, but it picked itsself right up soon after. It kept me interested from beginning to end, which is very rare in my book.

DEAD CLOWNS has an all-star cast in the b-movie world with the likes of Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, Jeff Dylan Graham and Robyn Griggs. Everyone was great, even though I was disappointed that Robyn was only on screen for a couple of minutes. I guess you can't have it all, right? Debbie and Jeff were in a majority of the film, which was great, even though they didn't share any scenes together, like they did in DEAD & ROTTING, but I digress.

Another actor that I'd like to focus on for a minute is Eric Spudic, who portrayed a wheelchair bound guy that is trying to escape from these clowns. I always thought he was a good actor, but after seeing this performace, you have to wonder why he's not getting much bigger roles. He was incredible and I hope that big time directors notice this guy and grab him up in a hurry! Seriously!!!!

DEAD CLOWNS has some really great f/x, especially for a low budget film that was made in the south. When I first saw what these clowns looked like, my first question was, did Steve watch ZOMBIE way too many times? That's exactly what they looked like, those zombies from Fulci's flick, ZOMBIE. That's what impressed me the most, being a fan of Fulci, I thought it was great to see zombies look and act just like those from the Italian master of zombie films. Once you all see this film, you'll know what I mean.

On a final note, DEAD CLOWNS is a really freaky, atmospheric and gory zombie flick that I highly recommend.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wolfster (Part 1): The Curse of the Emo Vamp Review

Director: Steve Rudzinski

Cast: Shawn Shelpman, Steve Rudzinski, Keegan Teel, Jessie Deep, Christine Schwesinger, Nic Pesante

Back in May, I was introduced to the crazy world of Dark Mullet Cinema when I purchased a movie entitled LEGENDS.

Upon viewing this little film, I was quite impressed. I really didn't know what to expect, but it came highly recommended and I am so glad that I checked it out.

I might do a review of LEGENDS later on, but right now I'm doing this review of Dark Mullet Cinema's latest production called WOLFSTER (PART 1): THE VURSE OF THE EMO VAMP.

That is such a great title, isn't it?

Dave is having a terrible day. His best friend has forced him to go on a date with a girl who isn't quite his fancy. Not only that, but a vampire has moved into town and he wants a pet werewolf and he chooses Dave to be that werewolf.

When this emo vamp starts reading his bad poetry halfway through his spell it causes Dave to be able to keep his free will and control his werewolf transformations.

However, there is another side effect that Dave is going through, he knows that he's in a movie.Will Dave get rid of the emo vamp?

Will he turn into a full werewolf? Is he just in a movie? I guess you'll have to find out when you watch...WOLFSTER ( PART 1): THE CURSE OF THE EMO VAMP.

Steve Rudzinski sure knows how to make fun of himself and that's a great thing, I must say. This movie isn't meant to be taken seriously, it's a spoof and that's what I really love.

The scenes of Dave with Deacon Sloan (that's a reference to the film MARTY JENKINS AND THE VAMPIRE BITCHES. Once you watch it, you'll understand. And btw, why the hell haven't you seen MARTY JENKINS yet? Have you gone mental? It's a great movie...dammit! Ah well, let me continue on....) are priceless. I really enjoy the presence that Nic Pesante gives on screen and hopes he will continue to do so and hopefully he will portray Deacon Sloan once again (maybe in the sequel? hint hint!)

I think everyone did an excellent job and I think Steve should be very proud of himself. He came up with such a great story, portrayed the main character (he played Dave for those that haven't seen it yet) and even edited it together. Now that is seriously alot of work that was put into this film...or maybe not, it looks it to me and that's my opinion, dammit!

WOLFSTER (PART 1): THE CURSE OF THE EMO VAMP is a hilarious little spoof that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter and I hope that a part 2 will be coming soon because I need more of this kind of fun cinema.

Steve Rudzinski and Dark Mullet Cinema freakin' rules! Check out this movie as soon as possible. I highly recommend it!

Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches Review

Director: Henrique Couto

Cast: Shawn A. Green III, Michelle McLaughlin, Lisa Clarke, Henrique Couto, Plexi Starr, Amy Lynn Best, Nic Pesante, Andrew Shearer

Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches is the long awaited film from Freak Productions' own, Henrique Couto and quite possibly the best vampire film that has been made since The Lost Boys. Ok, there are probably other ones after The Lost Boys, but I don't have the time to think of them all, so I'm sticking with what I'm saying.

I have been a fan of Henrique's work for over 2 years now and all of his movies have been a wild ride to watch and I mean that in an ever-so-loving way, so when I popped Marty Jenkins into my DVD player, I was thrown for a loop, as this film rocked my socks off and everything in between. I will explain more about that as I continue this review, but here's a little of what the plot is about.

Marty is a loveable loser, who has just been dumped by his very annoying girlfriend. With Marty being depressed, his friend Tyler tries to convince him to seek out a new girlfriend, but that's not what he really wants. Enter 3 sensuously, gothic-clad women, who just happens to be vampires. Things go from bad to worse as Marty is the only one left that can try to rid the town of these bloodsuckers.

Will Marty succed? And will he be able to move on and find the right girl? I guess you'll have to watch the flick and find out for yourself.

The one thing I always pay attention to when watching Henrique's films is the dialogue. He always comes up with some really great lines. However, I have never laughed so hard until I cried when I was listening to the lines that Andrew Shearer had to say in this film, he portayed Marty's father. I think his part was incredibly funny that he'll have you rolling around on the floor, seriously! I would love to see him act alot more, he has a natural ability for acting.

One of the best scenes, which was actually filmed in Pittsburgh, involves one of my favorite actresses, Amy Lynn Best. I know her from Happy Cloud Pictures, but it was so great to see her in one of Henrique's productions. Her performance was very funny and I loved the outfit that she wore, it fit right in with her scene. I hope that she'll be in more of his movies, I'd love to see that happen!

For the first time in a Henrique Couto film, this one actually has a little nudity thrown in to the story and it worked very well. When I first heard about this, I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I saw this particular scene, I thought it was both funny with a little bit on the erotic side. The scene was well done and I think alot of people, who has seen his other films, will be quite surprised, just like I was.

I was also blown away by the special effects in this film, they were so well made for the budget that this film was done on. I give a triple kudos all around!

On a final note, Marty Jenkins and the Vampire Bitches is one of the greatest vampire films to date with really great dialogue, excellent special effects and quite possibly one of the most well rounded casts I have seen.

I highly recommend this film!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Cannibal Sisters 2006 Review

Director: Andrew Shearer

Cast: Natalie Cardona, Melisa Cardona, Mitsu Bitchi, Monica Puller, Arinn Dembo

Back in 2004, I had the pleasure of checking out a short film called CANNIBAL SISTERS. It was a disturbing and pretty freaky little film that was directed by Andrew Shearer. If I'm not mistaken, I think I was the first person to have gotten the chance to check it out, that is before it was included on a DVD for the film DISASTER FOR CHRISTMAS.

Anyway, fast forward 2 years later to the news that Andrew was going to be remaking his own film. I'm not too big on remakes, but I just knew that he could pull it off and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I believe that the cast he got for this version is even better, although Monica Puller is in both versions, but for very different roles. It all worked out in such an unbelievable way that I never thought that this version could be even more freaky than the original.

The plot is basically similar.

A man attemps to rob a young woman after he forces her into her house and ties her up. When he looks around for some cash, he stumbles upon a dead body. However, when he goes back to confront the woman with what he saw, she turns the tables on him and ties him up only to be the next meal for herself and her...cannibal sisters!

Andrew has definitely progressed as a filmmaker and it shows. The look and the feel are quite impressive and I was also impressed with the f/x.

I think Mitsu Bitchi had one of the best roles. She portrayed a character named Rose, who looks and acts like a child. It was definitely a different role that she normally plays and I thought she did a great job!

From the opening the shot to the final moments, CANNIBAL SISTERS is one hell of a freaky ride. Make sure to check it out when it's included in the anthology, FACES OF SCHLOCK 3.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Freak Forum Needs Your Help

Henrique Couto, creator and host of The Freak Forum, needs your love and support. In order to keep the show running, Henrique is in need of some donations. After having to change servers, it is now costing some money to continue with the show each month and he really needs help from his loyal listeners and fans!

Here's what you need to do.

Travel on over to the Freak Forum page at MySpace ( and look to the left side of the page. From there you will see a PayPal subscription button. Click that and sign up for The Freak Forum Help Fund. It's only $2.00 a month, so it's not going to break you. We need to keep this show alive!

If you can help out, Henrique would be very grateful, so please show him your love and support!

Dream Reaper Review

Director: Kevin Strange

Cast: Kevin Strange, Joshitso Montoya, Cris Deveroux, Chad Cockstriker, Matt Ringering

Dream Reaper is like a poster child of everything no budget and then some. I remember hearing about this movie at another site and getting the chance to see the trailer. I knew right then and there that I have to see this movie and luckily for me, a screener was definitely sent to me.

Kevin Strange is one crazy mofo and I will tell you why!

Dream Reaper tells the story of Willy Nutsack who is the leader of a metal group known as Dream Reaper (that's convenient, huh? hehe!).

Things begin to escalate when Willy and bassist Dick start arguing about where the direction of the band should go. Willy just wants to do songs about sea monsters in a fantasy metal type of thing while Dick wants to do songs about love and relationships, in an emo fashion (oh god!).

When they don't agree, Willy storms off to his place and starts watching "In Search Of" with Leonard Nimoy. However, when he falls asleep, a mysterious figure invades his dream and tells Willy that if he doesn't disband Dream Reaper, then he will kill the entire band.

Willy tries to warn the other band members, but they don't believe him and soon, the band members start getting by one.

Will anyone be able to stop this Dream Reaper?

I give lots of props to Kevin for making what I thought was a really fun and gross no budget film. I can tell that he has a passion for filmmaking, especially gross-out comedies (got enough ejaculations for ya???) and I can't wait to see what he can come up with next.

Besides Kevin being the star of the film (and I'd like to say he was definitely the funniest one too), I thought the other cast members did a fine job as well, especially Cris, who was the only female member in this movie.

If you like fake blood, fake body parts (a watermelon was used too) and lots of simulated ejaculations...then Dream Reaper is right up your alley!

My Dead Girlfriend Review

Director: Brett Kelly

Cast: Brett Kelly, Caitlin Delaney, Anastasia Kimmett, John Muggleton, Ella Rose

Zombie films are a dime a dozen these days. They all seem to have the same kind of formula, zombies rising up from their graves to munch on the living, but that's where the latest Brett Kelly flick, MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND differs. This one is a horror-comedy that really delivers on the laughs and the gore.

Brett Kelly plays Steve, a college professor who just adores his girlfriend Amy. He wants to make the relationship a permanent one, but things go horribly wrong when he accidentally backs over her with his car, killing her instantly.

After constant interruptions, Steve goes about trying to revive his lady love by using one of her witchcraft books and it works...she is now one of the living dead.

To make sure that no one knows about this whole incident, he takes Amy to a cottage out in the woods, so they can be alone, but that's where the fun begins when their friends show up to have a little fun and Steve tries to hide the fact that Amy is dead.

Laughs and gore ensue!

MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND is quite possibly the best film that Brett Kelly has made thus far. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy all of his films, but I believe this one has a much better production value and has one of the best casts yet! Plus I think John Muggleton wrote one of the best scripts and I hope that him and Brett work together again in the near future.

Now, I don't know if Brett actually considered this when he was making this film, but as I was watching it, the first thing that I thought of was that this film reminded me of those 80's horror films that are set out in the woods. The only difference is that this one has a zombie in it. It worked out great, in so many ways!

Tempe Entertainment will be releasing MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND this fall and I hope that everyone picks it won't be sorry!

Nudist Colony of the Dead Review

Director: Mark Pirro

Cast: Forrest J. Ackerman, Bea Lindoren, Rachel Latt, Braddon Mendelson, Darwyn Carson, Dan Hartel

In the early 90's, I used to listen to this radio show that was hosted by Dr. Demento. I'm sure everyone knows who I'm talking about, he used to play all kinds of novelty songs from back in the day. Well, I was more in tuned to his Halloween show every year and I will always remember one song he would always play called NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD. It was such a great song and one that you could just sing too...or maybe that was just me, I don't know.

Anyway, it wasn't until years later when I found out that this was a real...honest to goodness movie. I was quite surprised because I had never heard of it when I used to listen to the song, but always thought "man, what a cool movie this would be".

I tried my best to hunt down this movie because I was very anxious to see it. I'm not sure if I saw it in a catalogue or maybe I found it guess would be online though. I think I bought it at, but not 100 ure.

Well, when it finally got here, I popped it into the VCR and let me tell you, I had one of the greatest times watching what could be the cheesiest zombie-comedy-musical films I have ever seen. And yes, you heard me right, this movie IS a musical and a funny one at that.

The story revolves around a group of nudists who are forced out of their nudist camp by a bunch of religious fanatics. This doesn't set well with the nudists, so when they get back to their camp, they make a suicide pact and proceed to drink what seems to be poisoned punch or something like that. You know, pretty much the same way that Jim Jones did it many years ago. Anyway, the nudists dies, but not before vowing to come back for revenge.

Fast forward years later, a group of teens are sent on a religious retreat to the same area where the nudist camp used to be. While there, these nudists come back to life to exact their revenge with a little song, a little dance, ripping limbs off everywhere. You know what I'm talking about.

Will anyone survive this NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD?

As stated earlier, this is definitely one of the most cheesy zombie flicks I have ever seen. If it were to ever make it to DVD, I wouldn't be surprised if Troma would release it. It's pretty much right up there ally.

NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD does indeed have some naked bodies in it. No full frontal stuff, but it does have some boobs and a few asses. What would a movie about a nudist camp be without nudity anyway, right? There is one female in this movie that has the droopiest pair of boobs I have ever seen. I am happy to say that they were not really her's though. You can see as clear as day that she was wearing some kind of nude suit. Once you see her, you wouldn't be able to stop laughing.

This movie does have some blood in it, but none of it looks real. Many of the severed limbs looks like parts of a mannequin, but that's ok with me because I think they were going for more of a spoof then a serious zombie film.

I will say that I think it's the musical numbers that truly make this film. The songs are easy to remember and you can dance to them as well. Well, I don't dance, but I'm sure there are people out there that would.

NUDIST COLONY OF THE DEAD is one of the funniest and cheesiest zombie films ever and you if haven't seen it yet, I think you better hunt for a VHS copy as soon as you can!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Video Violence Review

Director: Gary Cohen

Cast: Paul Kaye, Art Neill, Jackie Neill, Bart Sumner, William Toddie

Back in the 80's, I remember going to these mom and pop video stores and heading straight for the horror section. Those were the good old days. Nothing like it is now, with big chains like Movie Gallery and Blockbuster.

This brings me to the movie that I am about to review entitled VIDEO VIOLENCE. As I was watching this film again, it brought back tons of memories. I don't mean what the actual movie is about, in which I will get to in a minute, but the video store that this movie takes place in. I used to go rent movies from a store like this one and I wonder if these types of video outlets even still exist. If they do, let me know because I miss them so!

But I digress....anyway, let me get on to what this movie is all about.

A video store owner has just discovered that the locals are not what they seem. All they want to rent are violent and gory horror flicks.

When a mysterious videotape is found among the many titles in this store that is not one of theirs, they come to find out that someone is making what appears to be real snuff tapes and sneaking them into the store for others to view.

The owner tries to get the sheriff to believe him, but without success, so it's up to him and his wife to figure out what the fuck is going on this new town that they have just moved to.

VIDEO VIOLENCE shows alot of heart when it comes to SOV types of flicks. Sure, you can tell that it was made with a video camera, but they sure knew how to create effective gore f/x, which really surprised me because I've seen alot of SOV films where they didn't know shit or even have the right resources to make good gore effects.

The acting in this movie was suspringly good. Even though this movie was done in New Jersey, you could've sworn that it was down somewhere down in the south, especially with the accents of these people in the movie. I loved the location, it reminded me so much of a little town down here with a local video shop and deli, not together mind you.

VIDEO VIOLENCE is one of the best SOV horror flicks that was released by the now defunct company Camp Video ( a company that I really miss!). Check this movie out!

**** 1/2

Shock-O-Rama Review

Director: Brett Piper

Cast: Misty Mundae, Julian Wells, A.J. Kahn, Caitlin Ross, Erika Smith, Rob Monkiewicz, Michael R. Thomas

The first time I ever saw a Brett Piper film was just 2 years ago, which I think was SCREAMING DEAD. I was quite impressed with what he came up for with that film. Next up was BITE ME and I knew that it couldn't get any better than this, but boy, was I ever wrong. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of Brett's newest film entitled SHOCK-O-RAMA, which is actually the name of the company that released this awesome flick. I love how that works out, like they are being spoofed themselves.

Anyway, SHOCK-O-RAMA stars Misty Mundae as famous horror actress, Rebecca Raven, who is so tired of being the object of sexual desire in the horror flicks that she stars in and when she gets ready to tell this to the studio execs, she gets fired from the company. After telling them off, she decides to take a vacation out to the country for some quality alone time. Of course that alone time turns to terror when a zombie shows up to cause havoc.

Meanwhile back at the studio the execs are trying to find a new actress to star in their next horror flick. That's not an easy task though, so they check out a couple past productions for a quick solution.

The first film is about some killer aliens that crash land in a salvage yard and come face to face with the pissed off owner. The second film is about a large brain that controls the dreams of sexy young woman for the purpose of experiencing human sensual pleasure.

Can the studio execs find that new actress that they are in need of or will they have to resort to getting Rebecca Raven back, if she hasn't already become zombie food yet?

So, what we have here is a movie-within-a-movie type of scenerio and those are some of my favorite type of flicks, whether it's horror or not, I have always thought those were really fun movies.

I loved the whole wraparound story involving Misty Mundae and the zombie. Those were some of the funniest scenes in the movies, especially when it got way too silly and used a three stooges approach to it. I loved the scene with the chainsaw. That was so freakin' hilarious, that I can't stop laughing because I think about it all the time.

I think the entire cast and crew did a splendid job and I've gotta give props to Brett Piper for the f/x, which I thought were amazing.

SHOCK-O-RAMA is one hell of a good time and I think everyone should check it out!

**** 1/2

Last Rites of the Dead Review

Director: Marc Fratto

Cast: Gina Ramsden, Joshua Nelson, Christa McNamee, Constantine Taylor, Gaetano Iacono, J. Scott Green, Mary Jo Veruto, Kevin T. Collins

LAST RITES OF THE DEAD is the newest film from New York-based company, Insane-O-Rama and quite possibly the greatest zombie flick of our time, not counting Romero's zombie films, but that's another story that can and will be discussed at a different time.

After the success of Insane-O-Rama's vampire epic, STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN AT SUNDOWN, I was anxiously awaiting what the compnay would come up with next and how they could top such a great flick.

By George, I think they've done it!

LAST RITES OF THE DEAD follows the story of Angela, a young woman who has just been killed by her angry ex...however, Angela isn't dead....she's one of the undead. She's not the only one though, all over the world the recently deceased have come back to life and these are not your typical zombies either. They are organized, intelligent and crave the flesh of the living.

However, a crazed cult of undead terrorists and a militia of brutal zombie-hunting humans fight for dominance in the shadow of the apocalypse.

Now it's an all out war between the living and the dead and what we get is the ultimate showdown that will leave you wanting more.

LAST RITES OF THE DEAD is a breath of fresh air, sort of speak. I wasn't sure that these new zombie films that I have seen lately had any originality to them, but this film screams originiality and that made me so happy. I love watching zombie films that surprise me at every turn and Marc Fratto doesn't disaappoint.

I really enjoy reviewing screeners, but I am looking forward to the final release of this DVD, so I can get myself a copy and check out the extras and such that would be added, so I could go on and on.....hehe!

On a final note, LAST RITES OF THE DEAD is one of the smartest zombie flicks of recent years with great acting, intense dialogue/scenes and incredible f/x. As soon as the film gets released, hurry up and check it out!